Aske releases Bigger Picture (Prod.The Popular Outcast)

Last week Aske released a new track titled Bigger Picture. The Popular outcast produced single will leave a great impression on you. He shines over the cinematic production. When you press play his lyrics will help you visualize what he is rapping about. He shines on this song by showcasing a great flow & awesome content. Bigger picture is truly a movie his content paints a image in your head. Overall thisa great song which showcases his best abilities. The energy will intrigue you and reel you in. Bigger picture is a prime example that shows us his future is looking very bright -Royal Cortez

Aske's new track starts off with a beautiful sample which helps relax the listener. It really helps set the vibe. I was not expecting this type of beat I was expecting something more emotional. Bigger picture has that type of production which is truly cinematic. This is the type ot music you would hear as a mafioso movie's theme song. For some reason this track reminded me of the movie American gangster. He literally became Denzel Washington because on bigger picture he is a man on fire. The popular outcast did a great job on the production side of things. He created a stellar beat which sets up Aske perfectly to succeed. They did a amazing job working together their styles mesh really well. If they don't keep making music together mankind will be getting robbed of good music. The future is looking very bright for both of these individuals. If you are searching for great music this dude should be in your search bar right now.