River Smith drops I Want You (feat.Gortesh Polenzi)

The gifted singer named River Smith has returned with a ballad titled I want you. The Marc Ellus produced song showcases her vocal abilities and excellent beat selection. When you press play you will see she has a great voice which is very pleasing to the ear. The thing that caught me off guard is her ear for beats. When you are listening to this jewel you would think "This beat was made for her!" Smith's latest track builds up anticipation for her future content. If she continues releasing this style of music the future is looking very bright for her. River Smith's new single is a huge example of why you should be listening to her. -Royal Cortez

she delivered a beautiful offering by doing what she does best. She will make the listener fall In love with her vocals. After you're done with this tune she will leave you in awe. The song kicks off slow which builds anticipation for the listener. The beat truly sets the vibe by creating a stellar energy. The vocals she delivered over the production help drive the point home. I want you also has the addition of Gortesh Polenzi. He also contributes in making this song very memorable. Polenzi's verse content meshed perfectly with the song's vibe. He shined by showing the listeners that he has a lot of potential. His verse had enjoyable lyrics that played off well Smith's hot streak. This song had a great balance which let both of these gifted musician's shine. They showed the listeners that they are a very formidable duo. When collaborators work so well together there is a common ending. It's a need that they release more music together to keep fans satisfied. If you are looking for sinning music you have found it. The future is looking very bright for both of these artists. After hearing this song they will be 2 musicians now under your radar.