Speakerbox X Mondays:Royal Cortez song of the week #SunshineEdition

When many of my friends outside of Arizona ask me "What does summer time in Tucson consist of?" There is 3 things that come across my mind. What are those 3 things? Simple drunk relatives,good food, & beautiful sunsets. All of those things give me good vibes so this next part makes perfect sense. I wanted to choose a track that gave me the same feeling. The song that gave me that vibe was Sunshine by Emic MC. As many of you are aware he released a tape titled The Rise last week. For last week's edition of "The Royal Cortez song of the week" I chose a track named My high off that very same project. You can see this tape is great reason being I chose songs off of it 2 weeks in a row. Make sure you check it out and see for yourself why It is so great. -Royal Cortez

Emic MC did a great job in creating some awesome vibes through out The Rise. I spoke on it in last week's article but I have to say it again! His beat selection is stellar which helps give his music a huge bonus. Sunshine is a amazing song to play during the summertime. The vibe is laid back mellow and fun. Overall it is a very fun track which will make you zone out to the hook. You will enjoy how he created this song because the energy is refreshing. I chose this song for one simple reason it makes me feel good. The vibe is very chill it lets you enjoy it. His delivery on it helps set the listeners in a special zone. The beat has a flashback type production which will connect well with fans of this type of music. Sunshine is a prime example of why Emic MC has a bright future ahead of him. When I read "The Rise" out loud I smiled. I legit fell in love with this title it just feels right. But basically after I got done listening to this tape I asked myself "How do artists rise?" Then it all came to me it's very simple! Platforms such as radio stations and blogs help musicians witness their rise. The thing about music is that not everyone is connected with people like that. So as expected it's harder for them which is truly a tragedy. It's tragic especially knowing that some of them work hard. But when you see friendly platforms like Speakerbox X who are giving individuals a chance to rise. He mos def did rise to the occasion with the rise. His latest tape builds anticipation for his future. Make sure you guys tune in every Sunday at 2pm to hear my song of the week.