Xavier drops My Curly Headed LoveThang (Prod.Xavier)

A team I have covered heavy is a young collective that go by Syndication productions. I have written about a few members specifically Raygoza & J Xenio. Earlier this week one of their members dropped a new gem. With his latest release this dude shows that his team is home to multiple gifted musicians including himself. That teammate was Xavier who is a young artist you should be peeping. He dropped a new song titled My curly headed lovethang. With his new track he showcases his singing and vibe making abilities. If you're looking for a gifted Individual with great music press play. -Royal Cortez

When this single dropped earlier in the week I got excited. I been waiting for some new content from Xavier and he delivered. I knew I had to write on it the moment I pressed play! The vibe is breathtaking the beat and vocals will leave you in awe. This is the music that will take you off your feet. He wasted no time the track starts off strong with calm lyrics. I enjoyed hearing him sing it was very refreshing. It really helped add some spice to this already great track. This is probably one of my favorite songs I have heard recently. It has a really memorable hook which will get stuck in your head. Have you ever heard of sinning music? It's simple really it is the type of music you play when you lust. This is the type of music you play when things get steamy and freaky. I chopped it up with him and he gave me some insight about this track and why he created it. The following quotes are from him "This song is mostly about how I love this girl who doesn't love me." "Only the sex I can offer her, I explain to her the past context of the relationship and how it will not last" "She knows all this but still chose to turn a blind eye." Overall it's a great song which will gain him new fans. This gem will also keep his fans satisfied while he works on more music. Xavier is definitely one of the few authentic hardworking young heads I believe in. He doesn't just sing and rap on this track though! He also shines on the production side of things by creating the beat. This sounded nice all the way around and that can be attributed to Xavier taking such a hands on approach. The beat is smooth and relaxing but it also has a very breath taking vibe attached to it. This is the first of many pieces that will be dropped on this gifted young artist so make sure you become acquainted.