Benny Loc drops Let em know

The Havnot commonly known as Benny Loc has returned with a new single. Earlier this week he dropped the song titled Let them know. He has had a great 2017 coming off the heels of his latest album Clouds. Benny continues his momentum with a dope track. His latest offering shows the listener he has been cooking. He shows us that he is a consistent musician with a strong work ethic. Let them know is a prime example of why he is someone you should be listening to. Benny delivered some stellar vibes that are attached to outstanding production. -Royal Cortez

One of my favorite peers has to be Benny Loc and with his newest track he proves why. He is a very diverse artist that can do multiple styles. This is probably my favorite song he has done by far. It has a edge to it which makes it a interesting listening experience. The intensity in his voice will intrigue you. The hook is beyond catchy which will have you nodding your head. Benny is a rapper who has a very raw and authentic vibe attached. Let em know is basically telling everyone what is going through his mind. The beat really set the vibe it's dark and gloomy. The way he raps over the beat is impressive. This is the first song he has released since his album Clouds dropped. He did not disappoint Benny showed us that he's very consistent. A quality that makes music better is hunger. You can hear how hungry he is so it helps you vibe with it more. If you have not heard of the Havnot make sure you listen to Let em know.