NorCal Nick releases Thank u (Prod.tomppabeats)

NorCal's very own Nick has made a incredible return with thank u. His latest single showcases his best qualities. He shines with great song writing and amazing vibes. All this will surely please the ears of every listener. NorCal Nick has been on a hotstreak as of late and it continues with thank u. He's been releasing great music for years and this year is no different. With every new gem that is released he continues to build momentum. Thank u is a prime example of why he should be on your playlist. He has the ability to create amazing energy with his lyrics and excellent beat selection. -Royal Cortez

The track starts off with a gorgeous hook which will get stuck in your head. NorCal Nick gets straight to work creating a stellar vibe. He raps gracefully over the calm production. There is 2 things you can expect from Nick everytime. Those 2 things are amazing energy and top notch production. You will fall inlove with the lyrics because they are relatable. He has a collected style which helps make his music so vivid. Every single track he releases is cinematic. When you're listening you are basically seeing a movie. Tomppabeats did a outstanding job on the production side of things. The beat is relaxing,smooth, & peaceful which goes perfectly with this rare talent. He is unique reason being you will not find another rapper that sounds like him. We're currently in a climate where many individuals sound the same. That is one quality which makes him stand out. Stop what you're doing press play and listen. Let yourself fade with the beat and lyrics. After hearing this gem you will be intrigued to check out more of his content. This song builds anticipation for his future material which will surely be great as well.