Profecy drops video for UNTTLD

Last week someone gave me a suggestion on a track I should write on. The song they suggested was titled UNTTLD by Profecy. It came with the addition of a eye pleasing video. New Gen Filmworks did a great job on these visuals. I dropped a piece earlier this week on another video they did. That goes to show you how consistent they really are. With this short track he will leave a good impression on you. He builds anticipation for his future content. Press play and get lost in the daze. -Royal Cortez

This video starts off very simple which is great. It kicks off with the name of the song showing on the screen. There is a huge amount of murals and graffiti in the city that provide great scenery. They would look great in videos. The gifted rapper known as Profecy takes advantage of that. I enjoyed how they did this video it's very refreshing. It's simple but it appeals to the eye. He truly shines on this track by doing what he does best. This was my first time listening to his music and he made a great impression. He won me over once I started hearing all the punchlines. The condom punchline was crazy I had to regain my composure after hearing it. The chapped lips line was crazy ill. If you have not heard this track you are missing out. It has a amazing beat which sets up Profecy perfectly. Make sure you press play and spread it to everyone. This video is truly outstanding it's a perfect combination of grimy and laid back. The production on this song is high key one of the hardest beats my royal ears have heard in a minute.  After hearing this track you will need more music from this verbal assassin. He turns into Deathstroke and dissects this beat with extreme accuracy. This gifted musician shows us that he is not just only a great battler but also a artist who can please our ears by creating a dope vibe. Profecy shines on this gem if you say these visuals did not excite you I know you're lying. This dude shined in every possible way and he did not disappoint. Just like how he turned me into a fan he will have that same effect on you.