Gldn cypher review

A talented group of artists took part in a Gldn cypher. When you watch this video you will see a lot of talent. Imagine a rap all star team this is basically what has been assembled. Every rapper in this video has a grip of momentum which they continued with a strong collective showing. A fun fact is that every one of these dudes excluding one have released a project this year. But this cypher was released at a perfect time because he will be releasing a project later this week! So you can say this video was a perfect way to build anticipation for it. The Blar Media group shot some awesome scenes for a incredible cypher. These visuals will impress the watcher reason being dope angles and even cooler scenery. Press play and watch some incredible musicians getting to work. -Royal Cortez

This cypher starts off with some very familiar logos. Those logos are the ones that are familiar with the brands of Blar Media Group Gldn Artist Group, & our very own Wearebugginout. Since this site sponsored this cypher lets be serious for a sec this was coming! The gldn cypher kicks off with Gldn Artist Group's Ripdee welcoming the watchers. By following these dudes on social media you will remember seeing posts talking about shooting it in New Mexico. The Years Later MC known as Jae Tilt does not waste a second. He gets right to work unleashing great punchline after another. As a huge fan of these type of verses his definitely stood out to me. The greatest quality about his verse is that it truly sets the bar. But the thing about his verse is that it could be a great opener or closing offering which is truly amazing. Jae raps gracefully over the Ripdee produced beat. Some memorable lyrics for me have to be the Edison,Questlove, and evidence punchlines. His body language help run Jae Tilt's point home by fitting perfectly. His verse is one of the most memorable on this cypher. The 2nd artist to enrich this beat is the Napoleon rapper known as Tommy Will. With his verse he teaches us how to have will. Before he starts rapping a drone captures him from up above in the sky as he is walking. His verse was delivered magnificently. He blesses our ears by spitting a unforgettable verse. A few lines stood out to me specifically the figure four,toy shelf, & silhouette punchlines. In most cases it would be very difficult to come after a verse like Jae Tilt's but here is the thing. He does a perfect job with the transition & continues the hot streak that Jae Tilt started. If handled correctly cyphers have the ability to showcase numerous artists with different styles. It is even better when these different styles mesh really well. That is one quality that made this cypher so great. Marley B does not waste any time he gets straight to cooking. This dude has a thought process that many smart individuals share. The people who work the hardest are the people who will win. Before he starts rapping the drone captures him in a very cool angle. The thing about his verse is that it's one people won't forget for many reasons. The ScHoolboy Q punchline in the beginning was wicked. His lines are very vivid you can see it play out. The reason his verse will stay in listener's minds is simple. He is putting you on game for free! Marley B could have easily just unleashed great punchlines but he goes the extra mile and put musicians on game. Many cyphers have verses that will stick out this is one of them. His flow meshes perfectly with the Ripdee produced beat. He speaks on how there is multiple genres in rock and how that connects to rap. With his verse he builds anticipation for his upcoming tape called Monsoon Season which is produced by DJ Hoppa! You can pre-order it now on Itunes so go do that right now! Make sure you check it out when it drops later this month. But any ways this cypher so far has had 3 verses down but who is next? (Goldberg voice) A rapper with a gifted mind is one who goes by the name of Y Not continues this cypher and it's momentum. If you watch KOTD religiously you will be familiar with him. He does a great job in keeping the watcher entertained. I was expecting some memorable punchlines from him and he did not disappoint. He kicks it off with a rap chemist line that made me wild out. The Kanye West and puberty lines had me falling out of my seat. But my favorite line definitely has to be the christian punchline. After I heard that I legit went ape the royal one had to press pause to regain his composure. Y Not shined on this cypher and he will make a great first impression on every watcher not familiar with him. 4 verses down one more to go Cash Lansky gets the closing honors. He starts off very strong by having memorable lyrics. I enjoyed the additions of claiming his team and shouting out Rip. I enjoyed the stoner punchline simple but effective. His opening lines set him up perfectly to shine which he does. I'm a student of music so the 100 miles and running was a good nod to NWA if that was his intention. On this cypher he truly kills every naysayer. The line that stood out to me the most has to be the room for improvement one. He had a great closing verse which ended the Gldn cypher on a stellar note. It's not on youtube yet so make sure you head over to the Gldn Artist Group facebook page and check it out! Once it is up on youtube we will update the article with the link.