IshDARR & M-Phazes release Don't Even Know Me (ft. Tkay Maidza)

This morning I dropped a article on IshDARR's Sanity. I became aware of the fact that he dropped another song this past weekend. So I'll be doing another piece on him today! You can call it #IshDARRday over here on wearebugginout. But any ways the track is titled Don't Know Me. He linked up with M Phazes & Tkay Maidza to bless the listeners. This trio delivered a very fun gem for us to enjoy! Make sure you press play vibe and get live! -Royal Cortez

Don't even know me kicks off very strong with a great vibe. IshDARR starts it off by talking setting the vibe so to speak. The golden child and Tkay Maidza share the intro by bouncing off of each other. It was a excellent idea to have him and Tkay do the hook together. This song is in the genre of dance and edm which showcases many things. One thing this track showcased very good is IshDARR's ability to cross over and deliver. His work ethic is incredible 2 new tracks so recent off each other is truly incredible. His verse delivers every line is like a calculated shot from Frank Castle. Most of the time when artists from multiple genres collab it can end up tragic. But this trio show other artists it is possible. They also show them what they have to top. Ladies and gentlemen this trio has definitely set the bar going forward. Tkay shines on this gem by delivering a very contagious hook. Her vocals will have you vibing. She has made a fan out of me and I have a good feeling she will do the same to you!  M Phazes produced this great song for us to enjoy. Something I have learned as a rap fan is if a artist mentions a name in the beginning there is a few reasons why. One could be it's a shout out to their friend or it's meaningless. Or hear me out 2 it's a producer they are shouting out! Most likely it's the 2nd option because common sense. But any ways M Phazes did a outstanding job. He produced a very fun up beat instrumental which let's these artists shine. All 3 of these musicans shined equally. After Don't even know me I think I can speak for every listener. We need more collabs between these 3 talented musicians!