IshDARR drops Sanity (Prod.Canis Major)

The gifted musician named IshDARR released a new song titled Sanity. This new track is produced by Canis Major. He is a artist who hails from Milwaukee Wisconsin. The Cream City Motion member has been on a roll these last few years! He has been releasing great song after great song. Sanity is no different he has blessed the listener with a stellar gem. He showcases his best abilities by crafting a catchy hook with memorable lines. Many complain that originality is lacking in hip hop today. But that is a dumb complaint and IshDARR is a prime example of that. He has a style which can only be traced back to him. Once you press play you will see for your self why he is someone you should be listening to! -Royal Cortez

Before I start let me give you a little bit of background info so you understand why I wrote this article. Let me take you a few years back I'm 18 right now so let's say before I was doing all this. One day I came across a project titled The Better Life EP. It made a lasting impact on me because it inspired me to stop slacking. I have been following his music since he released The Better Life EP. He is someone who I keep up with heavy. The CCM member has been pretty consistent these last few years and especially these last few months. CCM is a collective based out of Milwaukee. CCM stands for Cream City Motion. It has many gifted members like E Coop,E Maad,Ju Preach, & ShafiDARR to name a few. Even the producer of this track Canis Major is a member! If you pay attention to these pieces you will remember I wrote on his brother BoodahDARR a while back. When you ask a musican why they create music you will get a similar answer from the majority. The answer is to stay sane. That's what Sanity is about. This Canis Major produced song describes what many artists think. IshDARR has a original style which makes his music very refreshing. He has a contagious charisma which gets passed on to the listener. Rapper/producer duos that work well together seem very rare today. But Canis Major and IshDARR make a amazing duo who create awesome art together. But they are also a duo who have been delivering great music together for years! Sanity is the latest addition to their impressive catalog. Everytime he releases new music his future keeps getting brighter and brighter like a girl's highlight. Sanity is the latest reason why you should be bumping his music. Do yourself a favor press play and vibe out!