Sidmfkid releases Ex Bitch (Prod.Cartier Dreams)

One of my new favorite artists I have came across recently has to be Sidmfkid. I found about him when I was digging on Soundcloud. The Denver Colorado rapper dropped a new track 2 weeks ago titled Ex Bitch. His latest release is produced by Cartier Dreams. He unleashed this banger at a perfect time. It's summer people for crying out loud! I know many people are trying to vibe out and get hype. If you're looking for music to go ape to you have found it! Sid has been steady putting in work releasing great song after great song. His latest gem showcases this artist's best qualities. Ex Bitch also shows exactly why he's a musician you should be keeping an eye out for. -Royal Cortez

Have you ever had a ex that always runs their mouth? A ex that hates seeing you happy? I know we all have came across these spawns of the devil. They come in and out of your life which annoys you. Quick question have you seen Daredevil season 2? If you have do you remember the episode when Elektra first showed up? Out of the shadows just returned bold right? That is exactly what many exes do. Many of our past lovers are insecure of their love life because they hate knowing you moved on. These individuals are toxic they want to hold you down mentally and emotionally. They often come back just to put dirt on your name for self approval. But they don't tell their current lovers they have messaged you a hour after they broke up before huh? But back on topic Sidmfkid dropped a banger to flex on our annoying exes! Honest to god I truly believe he dropped this song at a perfect time for me! Ex Bitch has a stellar vibe which will get you hype. This track is relatable to every listener because we all have a annoying ex. His flow is cold on this gem it is full of confidence which is refreshing. When you listen to Sid's latest drop you will see exactly why he has such a bright future ahead of him. With every new song he releases Sid grows at such a amazing pace. Cartier Dreams did a great job in creating a breathtaking beat. The production sets up Sid perfectly to create a banger. Once you start listening to his music you will come to a realization. What realization? Simple he simply does not disappoint. His consistency is awesome every song is a banger. If he keeps it up his stock will rise beyond levels he could ever imagine. Do yourself a favor get in your aux put the volume very loud. But wait there is more! Call,text,message,DM, or what ever your ex's best friend pick them up and vibe but most importantly flex on your ex bitch!