Kings over squares release visuals for Angels over my bed

A while back I chose a gem titled Angels over my head by Kings Over Squares as my song of the week. A few weeks later after that they filled me in that visuals for this very same track where going to be released! I always get excited when a song I really enjoy gets the video treatment. The Young Seph productions produced jewel is the 2nd song off of their debut EP Scratching the surface to get a video. The visuals where provided by New Gen Filmworks. With their latest release they showcase every quality which makes them a great duo. With their latest video they let the music shine. Press play and bless yourself so angels can be over your head. -Royal Cortez

A huge reason why I chose this track as my song of the week a while back is the vibe. The energy you get while listening will give you goosebumps. It's a breath taking listening experience which will make a impact on you. I enjoyed the beginning when you saw roses appear on the screen. I believe it was a nod to their ep cover which you guessed it had roses. This collective shine on this video because they have meaningful lyrics and great vibes. The scenery in these visuals will intrigue the listener. New gen filmworks did a outstanding job on this video. Bao Nguyen did a incredible job editing these visuals. Angels over my bed has a good selection of scenes. I enjoyed the scene when they where in the woods. I also enjoyed the scene when one half of the duo was with his kids. They are basically preaching to the watcher and putting them on game. In these last few months this talented duo have become a candidate for my favorite duo in the city. They are a very consistent team who are very humble. I rock with these dudes as individuals so it makes me enjoy their music more. After the release of this gem their future is looking brighter than ever. You will be excited to hear more of their music once you press play. This video builds anticipation for this duo's future content. Make sure you bump and spread the love.