Speakerbox X: Royal Cortez song of the week #TheRiseEdition

This past weekend a artist I been following these last few months dropped a project. The musician I speak of goes by the name of Emic MC. The project he released is titled The Rise. It was unleashed this past Saturday and yes a day before "The Royal Cortez song of the week" was supposed to play. What about this track made me choose it so quick? Simple the vibe it gave me was laid back and in my opinion it has summer song written all over. As you know a week ago was 4th of July and I believe if Emic MC unleashed this tape sooner do you know what would have happened? You would have heard it playing at carne asadas all across Tucson! -Royal Cortez

A great way for artists to promote their music is radio play. It is the ideal situation to hear your art live recently after it dropped. That's what is so great about this city there is multiple radio stations helping push talent! That is why artists like Emic are in a great position to succeed. His tape just dropped this past weekend and it already got radio play! That is mindblowing when you truly think about it. My High was chosen for a very simple reason. I chose this track as my song of the week on the grounds that it is summer. If you are reading this right now what does summer look like to you? If you do not answer BBQs with friends family and loud music are you really sane? But seriously think about it we are near Cali so of course people are more into rap with funk right? Well this Yando produced gem has plenty of it! He does a excellent job in creating a awesome vibe with my high. As you can tell these last few weeks I have had a darker song selection. But this past week I got put in a pretty funny position. Calling myself lover boy Cortez will give it away. So basically this girl told me she listens to A Tribe Called Quest so I might be inlove. I guess love gives you good vibes and makes you feel good! My biggest love is music that has good vibe and makes me feel good. So I saw it fit choosing a track that made me feel like this. That is the exact reason why My High was chosen as my song of the week. The future is looking very bright for this mc because of The Rise. Speakerbox X definitely is a very special show for numerous reasons. But the most important is because the hosts show genuine love and give artists great oppurtunities. Do you know what radio station in the city is steady playing great music and pushing talented artists? Speakerbox X is the answer to that question and those 2 reasons are exactly why you should be tuning in every Sunday on 99.1 at 1pm.