Headlock drop a young trucker remix for N8NOFACE'S Trucha

A duo I have been wanting to write about for a good second has been Head Lock. So when I saw they dropped a remix to N8NOFACE's Trucha I knew It was the perfect time to drop a write up! If you have not seen these dudes perform live you are missing out. Imagine jokes that are actually funny and don't sound forced! These dudes have a very fun energy to them It Is a genuinely great time. With their latest remix they prove exactly why you should be bumping their music! -Royal Cortez

Man I'm going to be straight up honest with you right now when I saw the name "N8NOFACE" I was confused. Keep In mind I'm only 18 so I had to do my research for this write up. When I heard the song's chorus Ponte Trucha I got flashbacks to my childhood when my mom would yell It to me. If you are not hispanic It translates to look sharp In English. Taking a first listen to It I realize Trucha Is something one of my friends would listen to. My homie would bump this style of music because he enjoys It. I don't really now how to describe It but I will tell you this I think Headlock just sparked some curiosity. So now that I want to bump more music like this Headlock, If you guys have any suggestions let Royal Corleone know. This remix Is very refreshing the listening experience was outstanding. If you are not very familiar with Headlock bump this and see what they have to offer. With this latest offering they get you excited to see what else they have under their sleeves.