Coupe Deville unleashes a slapper In Flexing

A rapper I been following closely Is Coupe Deville. If I have someone on my friends list and they drop music I'll check It out. That's how I came across this cat. I'm not going to front he caught my attention because he mixed a street style and strong pen game together. He released a visual for Flexing last month which Is produced by Snack Beats. On the video for this song he does exactly what the title suggests. If you are a fan of this style you will enjoy this song heavy. Flexing builds anticipation for whatever the future holds for Coupe Deville. -Royal Cortez

When you think of a song that will get you hype what does It need? Many people would say it will need a lot of flexing. So when the first thing you hear Is a dope beat while watching a dude sit In a beautiful car you Instantly know the flex level Is on 520,000,000. You know those things they wear In DBZ to see someone's power level? Well let's Imagine that Instead of power they measured flex level ok? Flexing Is the rap equivalent of a spirit bomb. The hook for this song Is really catchy so I'm not surprised I been seeing alot of heads rocking with It. Something that I noticed right away Is he kept his punchline game sharpened. If you are close to me you know I go Donkey Kong over a great punchline. So when he packed a good danm 520 I was buggin out the whole time. Who ever shot this video did a outstanding job It really gave It that "This Is god danm summer bump this!" vibe. I thought It was hilarious when he added that "I don't even like your music" Flexing got me excited to hear a full length project from Coupe Deville. If you have not seen this video yet I recommend you do. Once you press play you will see why he Is someone you should keep on your radar.