Bara Molina RV & Adrianbeph release visuals for En Tu Ciudad

A artist who Impressed me earlier this year was Bara Molina RV. I been following him since I heard a previous track. When I saw a new video In my newsfeed I got excited. He linked up with Adrian Beph for a new song titled En Tu Ciudad which translates to In your city In English. The best way I can describe this record Is as these dudes just spazzing. If you are a fan of latin hip hop you will be a huge fan of this track. If you speak or understand Spanish you will be able to understand right away -Royal Cortez

When I finished this song I was honestly Interested. I see En Tu Ciudad as them letting It be known they want to take over this city. They will not let language hold them back from accomplishing that goal. This was my first time hearing Adrian Beph & he honestly made a very good Impression. Bara Molina's starting lines could ruffle some feathers but I see It as him just spazzing out. The difference between these cats and others Is you won't find other latin rappers who sound like them. Mexican hip hop has been getting very popular so It was eventually going to come to Tucson sooner or later. I believe having a rapper who makes spanish hip hop gives the city more diversity. We are lucky to have Bara Molina RV In our city. He started strong & ended strong which Is what the listener wants 100% of the time. I honestly don't know how to describe this beat but It's cool as hell. I believe this duo we're trying to make a statement with this video and they certainly did. These dudes proved If you test them they can go Team Extreme on you lyrically. Both of them shined overall great track and they really did add pepper to this song! If you have not seen this video I suggest you do and become acquainted with a deadlier duo than Raven & Beast Boy!