T.A.N.R. releases Save The World Visuals

A cat I been following for a minute Is TANR. I came across his music while he was living in Dallas Texas. He Is originally from New Orleans which Is a city that has bred some dope artists. But the thing Is he has now moved to Tucson which In my opinion Is the best city on the whole planet! He recently released a new video titled Save The World. When I heard this offering I decided It was the perfect time to write on him. I think It's important that we show love to our latest transplant so he can feel the love from the city he will now call home. -Royal Cortez

I believe It's awesome that TANR has moved to the old pueblo. He could have went to any where else In the country but the fact that he came here Is beyond wicked. He released Save the world this past Saturday. It has a lighter mood It's more laidback which Is very refreshing. When you watch this video It will bring a smile on your face because It has a very playful energy. I honestly feel like he pulled a Independence day with his newest track reason being he came out of no where. He will fit In very good In Tucson's hip hop scene If he continues to drop great content. I enjoyed how he did a spin on the save a female topic. But In reality how can we save anyone but ourselves? Once you realize can't save some females you realize that their Is one thing you can save. The world Is what you can save & this track Is perfect for It. I see TANR fitting In very smoothly Into the city's scene. From this moment and forward make sure you keep your eyes open for this amazing artist.