Johnny Redd Rap Van Recap

This Is my first ever Rap Van recap write up. So what better way to kick It off than with Johnny Redd's recap video! I found out about the Rap Van a few months back and once I took my first ride on It I was legit mindblown. So this piece has been months months months & did I say months? In the making ladies and gentlemen. Once you press play you will see why exactly The Rap Van Is so popular In the city's hip hop scene. Every performance has a very different vibe which Is truly exceptional. If you have not been on It I truly believe you will be convinced with this video. -Royal Cortez

I knew this video was going to epic right away when I saw Johnny Redd's name In the title! When he Is on a roll It Is my honor to cover him. Once you hear Marley B say "We broke the rap van" I looked at my phone like "What just happened?" Did they break the lights? If my assumption Is correct If no one else has performed on the Rap Van for their birthday this would be the first birthday Rap Van performance. So I guess you can say Johnny Redd's performance on It was a night of many firsts. What did they break exactly I need answers. I enjoyed the song they had playing It fit the vibe very good. Johnny Redd's performance on the Rap Van was during Raptoberfest. Overall this video Is fun as hell Newgenfilmworks did a great job. I love how this video showcases a contrast of calm and hype moments. It was a genuinely fun moment when Jaca Zulu led the happy birthday song. If you are asking Marley B answered your question Johnny Redd Is 22. I'm not sure If that was a joke or If he was being dead serious so I will take his word for It. When they started hyping up the audience I got hyped too. You can not tell me when you hear "Ay,ay,ay,ay,ay,ay" that you will not start hopping! If you have not had the chance to ride the Rap Van you are truly missing out. Make sure you experience It before you pass away because It Is truly a awesome thing. Peep Johnny Redd and keep up with everything he has going on as well.