Speakerbox X Mondays Royal Cortez song of the week #wakeupedition

This past week I have been thinking alot about how I want to wake up everyone who ever slept. Luckily for me the homie Doni sent me this track over which caught me off guard like a message from a ex. When he had sent me this song It had not been released yet so It made the listening experience very awesome! or this past week's edition of "Royal Cortez's song of the week" I chose Wake up by Soloist which features beautiful vocals from River Smith. This Is probably my favorite Soloist track hands down because they legit pulled a 360. I honestly did not see them collabing with a singer but with Wake Up they prove that they are growing artistically. -Royal Cortez

My twitter Interactions with River Smith & Doni made me think about how radio play Is many artists common goal/dream. So I'm beyond happy that with this segment that I linked up with Speakerbox X for, we are able to help them accomplish that goal & witness that dream manifest because of their music. The thing about me Is If I don't enjoy a song or artist I wouldn't recommend It to you. A huge reason why I chose Wake Up Is very simple & Its the concept of changing It up. Many artists fear getting out of their comfort zone which Is understandable. But when they do they end up creating some breath taking content. I been following their music very closely,so I have came to appreciate every song having a energy of It's own. Doni started It off with a great verse which makes you appreciate what he does more. The beat Is very laid back I enjoyed how he & River Smith started It off. Dan Louis delivered a Impressive verse which will make a picture of plastic forks get stuck In your head. I believed this was the perfect song to have played on the air waves because It reeks of "Play me" When you hear River Smith singing you can not tell me It yells summer vibes. I enjoyed how Doni & Dan Louis are able to keep their pens strong while creating a wicked record. When you hear Speakerbox X's playlist you hear nothing but amazing songs and I believe Wake Up fits perfectly In. I see this track as the anthem for the people who are tired of being overlooked and underappreciated. Have you ever been tired of feeling that way then tell your self they will wake up? I have which Is the biggest reason why I chose Wake Up as the Royal Cortez song of the week. If you did not tune In yesterday you can tune Into Speakerbox X this Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm to hear this week's edition of our collab segment!