Pink Klouds Rising drops Lightning Show (Prod.Yakay)

Pink Klouds Rising released a new song titled Lightning show. His new track was produced by Yakay. A few of my friends have recommended that I should write on him. So as you can see this has been coming for a while. He made a great first impression so make sure you check it out. Lightning show is awesome the beat is different which makes the listening experience very fun. It caught my attention instantly his style made me vibe. If you have not heard of this dude you are missing out. Press play and prepare to see pink klouds rising while you listen to this new offering -Royal Cortez

I call this vibe rap reason being the energy makes this song special. When you press play you instantly get put on klouds. Imagine taking a tab while listening to this song. What do you see? Do you see musical notes rising above your head? Do you see your hands becoming animated? What does this song make you feel? How does the beat make you feel? So many questions that need to be answered so little time. So I will answer those questions for you. I see a great song which will turn you into a fan. It has a great sound which will intrigue the listener. Yakay produced a stellar beat which Is different and fun. Pink Klouds Rising has a really interesting style which makes listening to his music very fun. His flow Is very unique which makes his music even better. What is the most important quality a artist should have? Simple originality and let me tell you this dude has buckets of it. This track made me feel good it put me in a great mood. The beat gives me a darker vibe but the way he executes it deserves bonus points. Overall it's a incredible song which I recommend you check out.