Decalage review

Adobe House member Collar John has returned with a new ep titled Decalage. It's a 3 track tape but the listening experience is very fun. I have a few questions for you which will set the vibe for this review and project. Have you been having trouble finding new artists? Are you in need of new music with unique vibes? Are you tired of the music in your playlist? If you said yes to those 3 questions do yourself a huge favor! Head over to Collar John's Bandcamp profile and listen to his latest ep Decalage. -Royal Cortez

Collar John kicks off his latest ep with a lyrically vicious attack titled Whole block on fire. My inner hip hop head was marking out when I was listening. A huge reason I enjoy this dude's music is very very very simple. What is that reason? Hold up is that what you asked? Alright let me answer your question his style. It is very similar to many styles I have heard before but he truly has made it his own. The way he delivers his lyrics will Intrigue the listener. When I became aware of the fact that he released a new ep my first reaction was to get hype. Collar John honestly caught me off guard with this tape. He recently released a beat tape so when I first started listening I was surprised to hear him rapping. This cat is a very talented producer but I see this project as him reminding us of his ability as a rapper. The first track ultimately sets the mood for the rest of the tape. It jumps off with him showcasing his pen game. The 2nd song which has the name of Visions continues the first track's vibe. He did a excellent job creating songs that play off each other. I really enjoyed the production on this gem. If I was emo and was into rap this would be my ringtone. Visions is basically him seeing things in his head. Imagine sleeping having nightmares seeing awful things. Imagine seeing Freddy in your dreams. What would you do? Do you panic? Do you scream? Collar John is telling us everything playing out in his head which will surely impress you. He's probably one of my favorite Adobe House members for 2 reasons. He's cool as hell which makes me like his music more. The other reason is he's such a great artist. His work ethic is incredible which makes me enjoy his music more. He released 2 projects recently 1 as a producer & now as a rapper! If he keeps it up I will have to take him into consideration for my end of the year list. Make sure you head over to his Bandcamp and check it out.

Favorite song? Decalage

My favorite track off this project definitely has to be the title song. It made me enjoy this ep way more. I as a music fan if a project has a jewel with the same name I get excited. Usually you would expect these songs to best ones for a obvious reason. Usually the title song sets the mood for the whole project. It shows what the whole tape will be about. It truly showcases the energy you will recieve from listening to it. Collar John did a perfect job on Decalage because he delivered and exceeded my expectations. I always listen to the title song first to see what I can expect from the rest of the tape. I had expectations of great production dark vibes and a strong pen game. He delivered In every category that's why this song became my favorite. I recommend you listen to it first so you can see what I'm talking about. It was a smart move having it as the last track because it finishes the ep strong.

Rating? 4 Crowns

Collar John's latest ep has earned a high rating from the royal one for many reasons. Every track plays off each other very well which ultimately makes the listening experience more enjoyable. The production is stellar and every track has a similar vibe which makes the transition nice to hear. He has definitely delivered with this project. If you are looking for a really well crafted ep you have found it! I need to see at least one or 2 songs performed live. A huge reason I enjoyed this tape is the vibes I got from it. They will make you fade into the beats and lyrics. Head over to his bandcamp profile and peep his newest ep.