Zona Releases Too Easy

The artist known as Zona released a single earlier this month titled Too Easy. That track Is off his upcoming project Zonafornia. I first listened to his music earlier this year during the Tucson hip hop festival. The Kid Ocean produced song Is a laidback release. If you are looking for a good song to enjoy you found It. What makes this gem great Is It will make you vibe. It builds anticipation for his upcoming tape. Press play and spread the word! - Royal Cortez

It kicks off very laidback with him saying the words Zonafornia. Kid Ocean did a great job with this beat. The beat Is very simble but It's dope. When you first take a listen you think It would be something more depressive. But as you keep listening you find out the beat slaps heavy. Zona did a good job In creating a catchy hook. His verses are braggerish but they mesh well with the beat. His flow Is very smooth which ultimately sounds good as hell In your ear. Too Easy let's him shine which you have to get used to. Fun fact I actually Interviewed him for a podcast/youtube show titled The Talk Show. We talked about this very same project that Is coming up! His flow Is very mellow but with the addition of chillness. Make sure you check It out and show him love.