Jaac drops BTSD (Prod.Savion X)

The talented artist known as Jaac has returned with another one! (DJ Khaled voice) I recently wrote about him when he released a song named Blessings. He has returned with a new song titled BTSD. His latest release was produced by Savion X. I usually wait a minute before I write about an artist again. But his consistency Is rare so I have to show him more love! Make sure you check him out he Is a dope artist. But also see for yourself why he stood out to me! -Royal Cortez

The NC rapper has returned to bless the listeners with BTSD. If you listen to the hook you can see what the acronym stands for. It stands for Break that shit down. The Savion X produced track will stick out to every person with working ears. Everyone who knows me Is aware to the fact that I love samples. I enjoyed the sample In the back ground It set the mood for me. This song Is more laid back which fits perfectly with the title. This Is the type of track you smoke to. I was digging the hook heavy because It's beyond catchy. Have you ever wanted a song to break down your weed to? Well you luckily just came across that very tune. Many people can relate to this song because when they are stressed what do they do? If you said break down weed you guessed It! His verses have a huge amount of content that people cant relate to. That Is what gives his lyrics a huge bonus. Make sure you check It out and bump the kid from NC!