TellaHekTik unleashes DoItRaw!

The artist known as TellaHekTik released a track titled DoItRaw. Overall It Is a fun song which will get you bouncing. He also showcased his producing skills by creating the beat as well. The have fun samples basically nail the main point of this song. This Is a very fun release which will make you get behind this artist. After taking a break from making music he has returned with a mission. What mission you ask? It's simple to make a name for himself In our city's hip hop scene. -Royal Cortez

I became aware of his music when V Riv from Speakerbox X recommended his music. When I scoped his Soundcloud It was some thing different. But I as a music lover enjoy hearing different style. This specific song reminds me heavy of a Denzel Curry flow which Is awesome. The samples he added where very great additions. Overall this song Is really great which Is no doubt a eye brow raiser. The beat Is fun It has a unique production style which sticks out. What I enjoy the most about this dude's music Is his style. The way he raps and makes beats Is very rare. That will ultimately help him stick out from the rest of the bunch. I would describe him as futuristic type rap. I'm not talking about the rapper I'm talking about the actual word. His new song shows he Is determined to get out there. Make sure you check him out because If he keeps it up his future Is looking bright.