Reezy releases Draped (Prod.Reezy)

A artist I been following for a few years Is a gifted producer by the name of Reezy. Still Movin's Reezy blessed the listeners with a new track titled Draped. He Is a double threat which he proves on his latest release. He Is also a very gifted producer his beat making skills are showcased on this song. Draped Is that type of tune you play during the summer reason being the vibe Is beyond wavy. You can see Draped being played on numerous radio stations this summer. He will certainly get your attention with this catchy song! After hearing this track you will need a full length Reezy project. Make sure you listen to his latest offering and vibe out! -Royal Cortez

This past weekend he released a stellar track by the name of Draped. Once you start listening to Reezy something you can expect Is amazing production. He never disappoints which Is evident with his new release. I did not see this song till 5am Monday but when I did my eyes lit up! I'm happy that this dude Is consistent with It because he always releases awesome music. The Las Vegas MC definitely shined with Draped. I believe you will have It on replay for a good minute! Something I enjoy about him Is even when he drops a banger like this he keeps his pen on point. Reezy had many notable lines which made me go ape like Goku. Some of my favorite lyrics on Draped have to be the Genuine and Kembo lines. The hook on this song Is contagious he had me singing along saying "Icy Icy!" Overall this jewel Is fun as hell to listen to! Many have said once you bump It that you will go get a gold grill and chains to be draped! Get acquainted with one of the dopest artists from the heat. I haven't been to Las Vegas but I have heard Its hot a hell! So It's not that much of a surprise he released a flame offering. I'm from Tucson so heat childs have to show each other love that Is why I decided to write on Reezy! I can totally see him doing a show down here. Make sure you listen to It and show him love.