Speakerbox X Mondays:Royal Cortez song of the week. #FruitsEdition

A few weeks back the homie Hero put me on a song that caught my attention right away! The track I speak of Is titled Fruits by a talented artist named Jamezyboy. It Is actually the title track off a project he released earlier this month. That tape Is called you guessed It Fruits. The Vybe Beats produced gem Instantly caught my attention. Fruits has some awesome energy which will turn you Into a fan! His vocals are smoothly delivered which will make you smile. Overall this dude Is a very gifted artist you should be checking out. Make sure you peep his new tape while you are at It. S/o to Speakerbox X for playing my song of the week tune In every Sunday at 2pm! -Royal Cortez

Have you ever heard the term "Feel good music"? I know you have! So basically when I was listening to Fruits my jaw dropped. The beat Is outstanding It sets the mood right away. I also think It goes perfectly with Jamezyboy's vocals. You know those corny texts you send your lover "We were meant for each other" Well consider this song the equivalent of that! Not because of the texts but reason being this beat was made for this dude. When you take In the fact that he Is only 19 this song Is even more outstanding! He Is a prime example of young artists still creating quality art. He was born In Seattle but he resides In Olympia Washington In the PNA area. The reason I chose this track for this past week's edition of The Royal Cortez song of the week Is very simple. He recently released a tape which I enjoyed and I believe others would like as well! When I chose Fruits I pictured a family just cruising going out to spend time together listening to the radio. What song did I see being played In this situation? Fruits because the energy makes everyone able to enjoy It! Do yourself a favor and check out the gifted Jamezyboy. Make sure you tune In every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm to hear my song of the week.