Luca Vasi drops Butterfly

The gifted artist known as Luca Vasi has returned with another dope track. His new song Butterfly takes you back to the 90s. Think of the times when the Shaloin reigned supreme. This Garebear produced offering showcases a different style which Is Ill. Luca Vasi showcases his diversity which earns him bonus points. Honestly I wouldn't mind If this song was a minute or two longer. The youth movement In the city has gotten stronger with the addition of Luca Vasi. Make sure you get behind this dude because his future Is looking very bright. -Royal Cortez

I'm a huge fan of this style of rap so It caught my attention quickly. I was rocking with It right away. He Is giving lyrical chops to any one who wants to test him. Imagine a Bruce Lee kick In rap form. Ok good because when you hear this track It's like a drop kick from Rey Mysterio. Imagine a lyrical sword at your neck with Wu Tang Influenced blades. I enjoyed how Vasi added Cappadonna In his lyrics. He showcases a new style which I would like to see him carry on. He also shows the listeners that he Is capable of creating tracks for the hip hop heads. His diversity gives him a huge edge as artist. In the words of the clan when Vasi spits protect your neck! When you hear Butterfly you will think he was trained In the 36 chambers. You will also think he was trained by the chef and the genius. The reason Is because he's cooking music a lyrical genius would. With that said make sure you keep up with this dude and his music.