Blake Drops They

Earlier this week I was on Soundcloud listening to the upload section when It happened. I came across a track which caught my attention because of the rapper's vocals. The production set the mood for me. The song I'm talking about Is named They. The artist who I also speak of Is named Blake. This gifted musician Is from Durham which Is a town In New Hampshire. Once you listen to the hook you will become a fan. He Is not only a talented rapper but also a dope producer. Make sure you check out They! -Royal Cortez

A huge reason They caught my attention was Blake's flow was wavy. I enjoyed his delivery heavy reason being It's calm but Impactful. His vocals won me over because It made me Intrigued. What I enjoyed big time Is the way this song was written. What I love about Soundcloud Is even If there Is a musical drought I always find new music on there. I'm really happy I came across Blake because this Is a song which will be put In my rotation heavy! The hook on They Is beyond contagious you will catch yourself singing along. If you are looking for a consistent artist you found him In Blake! Just by taking a look at his Soundcloud profile you can tell he releases music at a good rate. Once you take a listen to this track I guarantee It will be on your playlist. Even though They Is a short song It Is still very fun to listen to. He spits a grip of truth In his lines which lets you see what goes on In his mind. This dude Is a gifted Individual who will Intrigue you with his lyrics. If he continues to release this type of quality music I believe his stock will rise quickly. Make sure you check out his latest track and show him some love!