Merlot review

Richmond Virginia MC Johnny Ciggs released a new album titled Merlot earlier this month. I met him last November when he came down to perform with the homie Reppa Ton. After he came down I listened to his music and he Impressed me. He Is a member of Gritty City which contains many talented artists. Merlot Is a prime example of why you should be checking him out. He delivered a stellar 14 track album which will fulfill every hip hop head's appetite. If you are a fan of that more gritty style of hip hop press play. -Royal Cortez

Merlot kicks off with Everlasting which Is a very solid start. The samples on this track help set the mood. Everlasting Is a example of what you can expect from Johnny Ciggs which Is great bars and amazing production. John Canada produced the first track which Is truly a stand out. John Canada Is also a member of Gritty City which Is a nice addition to this album. Ciggs proves he Is all about his team by Including them In his new release. This Is the type of song you drink yourself to sleep. This first track Is a very good start for his new album. This project continues with Porshe Caymans which features Segga Spiccoli & Agalla. This 2nd track was produced by Fan Ran who did a terrific job. All 3 artists shine by rapping over magnificent production which will ease your mind. They spit well executed verses which will make your ears ring happiness. Johnny Ciggs has a great ear for beats which shows on this track. If this album keeps continuing with this vibe It can become a project of the year candidate. The 3rd gem Is titled Soul 2 Soul which features the bros RT & Reppa Ton. I am familar with 3 of the rappers on this tune except one. The only artist who I was not familiar with before I heard this song Is Pandemic. But the thing Is he Impressed me his flow was executed very smoothly which sounds nice In your ear. RT & Reppa Ton shine as expected adding great verses which helps make Soul 2 Soul a stand out. If you have not heard their music before I suggest you do. This great album continues with the title track titled you guessed It Merlot. Johnny Ciggs will win you over with his great ear for beats. He continues to prove his case with Merlot which Is a mindblowing track. The sample on this jewel Is beautiful. Justice created a gorgeous beat which let Johnny Ciggs spazz out. When you are listening to Merlot you will realize It posses a huge amount of replay value. What makes this project even better In my eyes Is a rare quality that many don't posses. That rare quality Is you can listen to It from start to end with out pressing skip. He holds the listeners attention through out every transition which Is a great attribute. Another ballad that caught my attention was Listen. I enjoyed this song heavy because It has a very relaxing vibe attached to it. I was already familiar with Rah Scrilla reason being he came down with them last November. Johnny Ciggs continues to show why Gritty City Is one of the most consistent teams out. They have released content a very Impressive level which will leave you mesmerized. This was my first time listening to Che Broadway and he had a very dope verse. I'm enjoying every sample from the songs I have talked about so far. Fan Ran also produced Listen which makes 2 so far. The producers have also shined on this project. Toilet Wine Is another tune I would recommend you check out. John Canada also produced this song which helps him shine on Merlot. Brotha D Is featured on this song who helped add Toilet Wine as another stand out. He also showcases a good amount of diversity. He displays that he's able to create multiple vibes. Girl I knew caught my attention because of the content. It's basically like a love song hip hop head edition. He tells a story of how he knew he loved this girl. John Canada produced this track as well which shows he has had his hand on many stand outs. Overall Merlot Is a great album which you should listen to. You can check It out on Gritty City's Bandcamp profile.

Favorite Song? Scotch

My favorite track off Merlot definitely has to be Scotch. I fell Inlove with Scotch because his delivery on this song Is stellar. His lyrics helped solidfy It as my favorite. This Is that feel good rap which will put you In a good mood. Kev produced this awesome song which will Impress you. The vibe from this song made me enjoy the rest of the album. I chose Scotch as my favorite for a very simple reason. The energy I got from It made me get Invested with the listening experience.

Rating? 4 Crowns

Merlot has earned a 4 Crowns rating from the royal one for being a amazing fun album. The listening experience was awesome It Is very enjoyable which Is a huge bonus. If you are a hip hop head you will be a huge fan of this album. The production on Merlot Is refreshing and the sample usage was execute correctly. He shows the listeners why Gritty City Is a team that you should be following very closely. Johnny Ciggs recruited some really dope artists as features who helped contribute to make some great tracks. Merlot Is a outstanding album which has a huge ammount of replay value. Like I said earlier In this reveiw It has the rare quality of not having any skipable songs which Is a huge bonus. Make sure you check it out and that you start supporting the talented MC known as Johnny Ciggs.