Cash Lansky releases visuals for Juice

Gldn Artist Group's very own Cash Lansky released a new video for Juice. This track Is off his album which was released earlier this year titled The Cool Table. He delivers a fun creative video which proves that he has one of the most clever minds In the city. I'm pretty glad he decided to do visuals for this track. This song Is very similar to the artist reason being the energy. It has a special vibe which will make the watcher want to hear more of his music. The thing that separates him from many artists Is he has a sound that can only be traced to him! Blar Media Group has been on a hot streak shooting great video after even greater videos. If someone asked me for suggestions on Tucson hip hop the first person I would recommend Is this dude. By watching this video you will see exactly why. -Royal Cortez

This video starts off on some where which I'm going to assume Is a roof of a building. The graffiti makes me doubt that assumption but I'll ask Cash later on. I actually enjoyed that Intro It sets the vibe for the rest of the video. We see many familiar faces In the intro cats like Jaca Zulu,Y Not, and some other heads who I'm not sure of their names. It also contains cameos from his own camp In Marley B & Jae Tilt. Tilt's line set the energy for the beginning. When he stated "Yo you got the juice now" Cash Lanksy made a movement with his head which screamed "Not yet but watch me." I Interpreted this video as a story of him coming to the realization that he really does. Right from the jump It gives a dark aura which goes perfectly with his delivery. In the beginning It looks like they are cooling It around downtown. I enjoyed the scenes they shot for the first verse because It compliments It perfectly. I enjoyed how on certain lyrics the scene was a example of that situation. I was really rocking with the scene where they go Into that vehicle and get hype It was a nice addition! They even added his release party at Club Congress which was a great detail. But towards the end of the video things get dark. If you are not high watching this video prepare to trip out. At the end he gets chased by himself! I was not expecting that so bonus points for being unpredictable. What made me trip out even more Is when he dies! That's just the start It rewinds to the beginning where It shows him on the rooftop looking down on his dead body! Kudos to Cash Lansky for delivering a video of the year candidate. Make sure you check It out and show It to all your peers! I see this video as a interpretation of him killing a former version of himself so he can evolve. If you want to hear a In-depth description from the man himself listen to his episode on The AfterWorld Podcast. He touches on how we are toxic to ourselves so I saw the ending as that exactly. He also touches on Juice so the ending makes more sense to me now. Reason being that Bishop the way he acted was poisonous and ultimately ended his life. If you have not heard this song watch the video before everything!