Woodro drops Pacifist (Feat.Cash Lanksy)

One of the most consistent artists In Tucson has to be the one and only Woodro. Considering he just dropped a tape earlier this month It's mindblowing. It Is pretty outstanding that he Is keeping his foot on the pedal. Many musicians would wait a month or 2 but he keeps going. He released Pacifist this past weekend. Woodro recruited Gldn Artist Group's Cash Lanksy to pacify minds. They created a track which has a very peaceful energy attached to It. Pacifist Is the type of song that will cure a Red Lantern's rage. This gem was produced by Woodro. If you have not checked It out the royal one suggests you get to pressing the play button. -Royal Cortez

Do you know that feeling when your playing 2K and the ref doesn't call the foul? It's that "that's it?" feeling well Pacifist matched that feeling for me. Reason being It was a short track which I wouldn't mind being 3 minutes longer. But In all seriousness this song Is a very dope offering. Woodro Is on a streak hotter than the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. If you are a fan of certain artists you create dream collabs In your mind. Woodro & Cash Lansky was one of those collabs for me. Ever since I came across both of these dudes I thought "A collab between Woodro & Cash would be fire" When he sent me the link I smiled because I got excited to see what they cooked up. Pacifist Is a hip hop fans favorite track. It has a very relaxed beat with geniusly crafted verses. Both of these dude's dropped project of the year candiates which Is breathtaking. Imagine having 2 MVP candidates like Westbrook & James Harden teaming up. This Is the rap equivalent of that precise situation. After this short sweet jewel I need more Woodro & Cash collabs. This was a very smart move reason being since It's a short song It will leave the listeners wanting more. If you have not listened to Pacifist I suggest you do.