Devine Kings Ent release Diamonds

Devine Kings Ent dropped a awesome song last week titled Diamonds. This track features Dom Vinchi & Tutu Da Don who both shine equally. Diamonds Is a chill offering which will turn you Into a fan. The hook Is contagious which will have you rapping along In your head. They actually dropped another song last week as well which Is named Pills Kill. They possess a strong work ethic which will help them build a name for themselves. Consistency Is key and If last week was a Indicator we can expect great music from this team. When I pressed play I was digging It from the jump. This Is the type of song that makes you appreciate hip hop posse tracks. Everyone plays a part In contributing to make Diamonds a stellar release. Make sure you check out their most recent offering and keep an eye out for them. -Royal Cortez

When I pressed play I wasn't really sure what to expect. The reason why I wasn't sure Is because I never heard of these cats. But I can tell you guys this they Impressed me with their energy. They all have a specific style which meshes well with each other. Who ever produced Diamonds did a outstanding job. The beat Is very enjoyable It's simple but does a perfect job creating a vibe. Devine Kings ENT member TZA Black Impressed me with his flow and delivery. His verse had some quotable lyrics which will make hip hop heads make stank faces. Dom Vinchi paints a picture with his lyrics which Is awesome. His flow carries a sharp edge like a knife which will cut your mind. I enjoyed how they added that effect to the hook. The hook grabs your attention right away because It sounds nice as hell. Every verse Is part of the pie that will leave you full. The way that these dudes were able to add certain lyrics makes them rare. On this track they truly shine like Diamonds.