Modus Operandi Iphone Music Video

One of my favorite songs off The Cool Table recently got the Iphone music video treatment. Cash Lansky's Modus Operandi Is a awesome song which certainly deserves this treatment. This video showcases the fact that If your creative enough you will use what ever Is at your disposal to create. Great equipment Is only as good as the mind using It. With these visuals Zachary Baca has shown all of us what Is possible. Now I see why everyone loves Iphones you can do everything on these phones! After seeing this video I'm thinking about upgrading phones sorry LG. The youtube description pretty much sums up everything you can say about Cash Lanksy. The reason he sticks out to me Is because his music has many Ingredients which gives his content a certain spice. With his music he mixes a style that Is to dope to deny with lyrics that will get you hype and think at the same time. Every song he releases carries verses that are laced with lines that reveal truth. This song Is basically what happens when the artist just focuses on creating awesome music. -Royal Cortez

It's going to take a while for me to understand that this video was shot and edited on a Iphone! This video was published on youtube on June 11th. I'm kind of surprised this flew under my nose. This video was shot at the Wedge skatepark. These visuals have a very dope advantage. When you watch It there Is a common theme. Cash Lanksy's lyrics has many lines on this track whcih describes people's modes of operation. How I Interpreted this video was that the scenes that had soldiers and political objects showed something that Is still common today. This video helped me see that the way we operate can be self destructive. That's why when the kid pulled out the piece they added those flames. They way we do things can get us burned. That scene Is the best example of playing with fire will get you burned. This video made me see this song very different. The thing that makes Cash Lansky a rare artist Is his ability to add certain messages In small lines. Do yourself a favor and watch this video which will leave a lasting Impression on you.