$aebah releases Let Her Go

This past weekend the gifted artist known as $aebah released a stellar track titled Let Her Go. He also produced this song which means double trouble for the listener. This Is probably my favorite song I have heard from him so far. I came across this dude's music earlier In the year when a mutual peer recommended his music. He Instantly stood out to me because of his diversity. He has the ability to adapt to different styles which Is something that many cant do. Let Her Go Is a really dope song which Is about letting someone go. Sometimes the people we enjoy are actually bad for us so Its best we cut them off. If you are not listening to $aebah you are missing out on a artist with great content. -Royal Cortez

$aebah honestly caught me off guard with Let Her Go. The reason he surprised me with this track Is because of the vibe. I haven't heard a song like this from him before so it had a bigger Impact on me. It Is a short song but every line contribues to making It very memorable. Saebah truly out did himself with Let Her Go. You won't need Drake or Adele to simp no longer now you have $aebah to cry to. Social media portrays the male as the one that makes relationships not work. But In reality females also do certain things that hurt us males. What makes this gem so dope Is It's a relateable track. Everyone can enjoy this song which gives It a huge bonus. He has lines that everyone can vibe with. When he said "You tell me you love me but never show It." It's a situation we can all relate to. Let Her Go has radio potential reason being the vibe screams summer simp song. $aebah made a very smart move by releasing this track. His vocals are very laid back which will surely sound appealing to a girl's ears. He did a great job on the production side of things. The beat goes perfectly with the vibe he was trying to create. Make sure you check Let Her Go out because It's a awesome track.