Jaac releases Blessings (Feat.Daylan Hill)

Everybody that knows me Is very familiar with the fact that I find most of the music I bump on Soundcloud. The thing with Soundcloud Is It's a very dope platform reason being so many artists upload their content on there. This past weekend I was listening to a lot of music. One song that caught my attention from the jump was Blessings. The artist who created this beautiful ballad goes by the name of Jaac. He Is from North Carolina which you will find out when you start following him on Twitter. Jaac recruited the gifted Daylan Hill for a song which will leave you wanting more. They rap over the mellow beat to deliver a magnificent track. If you are looking for a song with plenty of replay value Blessings Is It. -Royal Cortez

The reason this song stood out to me for 2 reasons. Those reasons are very simple the cover art Intrigued me. The doves and praying hands gave me religious under tones. Even If not most of the time some pray for blessings. The 2nd reason this track caught my attention Is the production. This beat Is outstanding when your listening It just sounds right. Accent Beats truly shined on the production side of things. The sample In the background Is honestly stellar. The additon of Daylan Hill was a very smart move. These dudes form a very formidable duo which will make you want to hear more collabs. I enjoyed how this track has a huge amount of balance. When you hear this beat you will picture a more simping type song. But Blessings Is a more laidback flex song which has a very Interesting vibe. Blessings has "Play me" written all over It. Both Jaac & Daylan Hill's verses showcase these 2 talented artists and their best qualities. Both of them have accurately delivered flows with quotable lyrics. Press play and vibe out to a awesome track. If they continue to drop songs like this they will build names for themselevs.