Goodbye Tucson Review

Producer 8Oheight released a beat tape yesterday named Goodbye Tucson which marks a new start In his life as he begins his road to accomplish his goals. On this tape he pays tribute to the city that has helped make him the person he Is today. You can see him paying homage through out this offering by just looking at the tracklist. Every song Is like a chapter of his life leading to this very moment. This 8 track project comes off the heels of the 8ohOX tape that he played a huge role In as the producer. The Honor Roll Gang member has took a big step In changing his scenery to help him accomplish his goals. If you are paying attention to him make sure you donate so he can have a save travel to where ever his destination Is. -Royal Cortez

This 8 track project kicks off with Liberty which truly has a cinematic feel to It. I Interpreted this track as him leaving Tucson liberates him from ever thinking about the what Ifs reason being he Is going after It. Liberty Is a beat which tells you "I'm leaving because I need to do this for me." He Is taking a huge risk In going somewhere he Is not familiar with but In all honesty we should be cheering him on. Many people will not do what he Is currently doing but him doing this Is very Inspiring. Liberty does a great job setting the vibe for the tape. He builds anticipation with a title that many people will try to study why he chose It as the first track. I see It as a new beginning for this gifted producer. I believe It's very Interesting how he plays on the number 8 which Is obvious with this project. He chose 8 tracks which Is symbolic to his stage name and his career. It continues with a track titled Cap'n Eegee which has stellar production. Have you ever seen those commercials where It has a darker vibe and theme music? This song would go perfect In one of those because the vibe has a more dark energy around It. If the Undertaker had a rap beat as his theme music this Is what It would be. The vibes continue with Pistor MS going off the title of this track I will assume he went to Pistor middle school. In the description of Goodbye Tucson he did talk about being groomed to be the man he Is today so middle school obviously played a part In that. On this same track he continues the school theme with Class of 05 which Is another prime example of how school helps form us. Now has me wondering what high school he went to so If you are reading this 8oheight let me know! Tucson Is In the damn desert which Is a tragedy and positive because then that means the music and food will be hotter than fire Itself. With this beat tape he delivers on the music side no doubt. But what about the food? Simple you would think his name was Sway reason being he does have all the answers! BK VS Guero (Horchata) answers that question for you because we have two amazing food stops If you are asking smart people ya dig. I'm a proud latino so I don't just love the women I love the food! Horchata Is my favorite drink next to lemonade generic I know but It's amazing. But what Is better? That Is a question every Tucson resident has been asking themselves for yearrrrrrrrs. I saw this track as 8oheight telling the listeners that there Is options and that we don't have to choose between the 2. He Is telling us that we can enjoy both. I see It as the music equivalent of him saying "I love Tucson but I love facing new challenges as well so I can enjoy both!" The good thing about social media Is we can still be In contact with peers who don't live In the same city. So just because he Is moving does not mean we should forget about him! He Is moving to chase a common dream that every musician shares which Is admirable. If you are scared to pursue your dreams help him manifest his so you can live with the fact that you helped someone do something positive. We are so quick to tear each other down but why don't we lift each other up? Lift up 8oheight and help him spread his wings. If you have not took a listen I suggest you do because this Is a beautiful tape which represents a new flower growing. You can listen to It on his Bandcamp profile. 

Favorite Song?  

My favorite song off this project has to be the title track no doubt. Goodbye Tucson has a double vibe to It which Impressed me right from the jump. It screams"I did everything I could do here but I have to leave now so I can accomplish more." It's a end to the many years that he has spent In the beautiful city that so many of us call home. It has a very optimistic energy attached which will surely Inspire many Individuals. I applaud 8oheight for this move reason being I myself can't ever see myself moving from the city that has molded me. The goodbye sample at the end was a very good addition to this track. The vibe and details that he added all contributed to making It my favorite song off the well name Goodbye Tucson. 

Rating? 4 Crowns

This project earned a 4 crowns rating from me just off the fact that he Is doing something that many would not do. Even though Tucson has lost a wonderful producer who has created magnificent beats where ever he moves to has earned a talented beat maker. Every song was created with a precise idea which was to show the listener the many chapters that have helped him become who he Is today. 8oheight did a perfect song In creating many vibes that Intersect with this common theme. Every beat continues the vibe that was started from the first track. He has a very special ability to make songs that people can listen to with out pressing the skip option. Goodbye Tucson has a huge amount of replay value which will please fans of this gifted musician. If you have seen him grow Into the dope Indiviual he Is today donate so he can accomplish his goals.