Speakerbox X Mondays: Royal Cortez Song Of The Week #KOSEdition

A duo I been following very closely Is Kings Over Squares. The reason I follow them closley Is they create awesome music and they are humble cats. Sadly we are not In the 90s where rap duos had many and plenty. The days of Outkast & Mobb Deep feel like ages ago. But luckily Tucson boasts a few great duos like The Kxnnedys & Kings Over Squares! This past week when they dropped this song on their soundcloud I got excited. I got hyped because It gave me a reason to write about them. So I saw It fit for this track to be this past week's edition of "The Royal Cortez song of the week!" Shout out to Speakerbox for playing It and make sure you Tune In every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm. -Royal Cortez

These past few weeks I been thinking alot about many things so I been In a certain vibe. I been In a darker mindset lately so I been leaning towards tracks with this vibe. I'm not the type of person that likes to talk about my emotion so I drown myself with music. I have always believed music Is the biggest cure for pain. Angels over my bed Is that type of song that will comfort the listener. The beat with It's angel like sample helps ease your mind. If you are ever going throught a rough time listen to this song. Many people underestimate the power of a awesome beat and meaningful lyrics which Is dumb on their part. I see Angels Over My Bed as a modern day Keep Your Head Up. Many times as listeners we don't fully listen which lets simple things go over our heads. This song Is truly one that will leave a lasting Impression on you. I saw this song as a perfect candidate to be my song of the week for one simple reason. That reason Is the vibe the energy It gave me helped me connect. With this track Kings Over Squares show exactly why you should not sleep on them. I have no doubt In my mind that they will continue to drop awesome tracks like this.