Emic MC releases Vent (Prod.Smoke Doctor)

One of the first few heads from Tucson that I chopped It up with was Emic Mc. He gave me a laidback vibe that I enjoyed. He has a very genuine style that makes you want to get behind him. I actually caught his set at the Tucson hip hop festival which convinced me he Is the truth! When I saw he released a new song I knew I had to write on It. He recently released Vent produced by Smoke Doctor. Even though this track Is short It's very enjoyable. If you are a fan of samples In dope beats bump Vent. He does exactly what the title states which Is vent. Emic gets everything off his chest on his latest release! -Royal Cortez

When he sent me this track It caught my attention right away. The reason It did Is because I saw the name of the song. He has a great ear for beats which gives his music a huge bonus. I enjoyed the samples on this track heavy. Smoke Doctor created a really dope beat for Emic to vent. Samples on hip hop songs are honestly epic If executed correctly. They help to add emotion to the production, which helps brings out the best In the musician. When you listen to Vent you can say the execution was flawless. I honestly which this song was longer. Have you ever been to a show to see a certain artist? But their set was cut short well that pretty much sums up how I feel. I started getting Interested In this cat when I first heard TAOR. Ever since then I been excited to hear more content from this dude. With every new offering he continues to prove why he's someone you should be scoping. Even though Vent was short It was sweet. Make sure you check out his new track! He Is someone who has a very bright future ahead of him.