2000 Review

Woodro released a new tape earlier this month titled 2000. He Is one of the few young heads I enjoy so I was excited from the jump. His latest release showcases his growth as a artist. Woodro created a really great project which will make many Into Fans. If you have not listened to 2000 you are missing out. With every new tape he releases Woodro grows at a alarming rate. With his new offering he showcases his killer flow and a great ear for production. He displays a huge ammount of diversity which Is Impressive. With that said make sure you peep his latest release. -Royal Cortez

2000 kicks off very mellow and laid back which ultimately sets the mood for the rest of the tape. It starts very strong with the first track which Is titled I Have. This song starts with a skit type beginning which was a very Interesting beginning. I Interpreted this song as Woodro telling the listener "I have grown and now I'm confident as a artist." It's a short jewel but It Is definitely very enjoyable. I have showcases something that shines though out this whole tape. That trait Is simple like fate which to be direct Is his production. On this 14 track project this dude Impressed me. He shined not only as a talented rapper but also as a stellar producer. Something that will surely Impress you Is how he delivered a project of the year candiated at such a young age. If he continues to release music on the level of 2000 his future will hold success. But he will also most definitely build a name for himself state wide and even on a bigger scale If executed correctly. A track that caught my attention right from the jump was Satan. When It comes on It gives you more of a Backpack rap type vibe. I was legit sad when I was hearing It and It stopped before It was even a minute. Woodro pulled a fast one on us which helps him catch the listener off guard. If you guys have Woodro on social media tag him and use #ReleaseSatanfulltrack But In all seriousness I haven't felt this disappointed since my side chick lagged on me. That was a joke by the way don't get mad at the royal one If your In my messages. But lets get back on topic man this tape Is truly epic. I'm a huge DC fan so let's say the moment I saw the Aqua Man,Flash, & Cyborg easter eggs In Batman Vs Superman I was marking out. That Is exactly how I was going ape mode when I was hearing this offering. I am a huge believer In vibes. So let me tell you ladies and gentlemen this project had stellar vibes all the way around. The listening experience was with out a doubt one of my favorites this year. As a writer Its my job to make everyone I write about look like a million dollars. So with that said of course not everyone will vibe with every cat I write about. But the thing Is If I think they are dope I'm going to write on them. The thing that makes this dude a dangerous artist Is he's fully aware that he has his own style. He doesn't try to be anyone else he makes the music that he wants to which ultimately sets him apart from many musicians. 2000 Is a lyrical movie of everything he has experienced so far In his life. This past weekend I went to Rap Camp and someone said something about Rapperocious or how ever you spell It. When you think of that word you see a young mc who Is confident In his/her skill. Woodro fits that description perfectly. He created a project of the year candidate which will surley Impress evey listener with a decent working mind. If you have not check out 2000 you can scope it on his Soundcloud.

Favorite Song?

Overall any of the 14 songs can become your favorite which Is truly a magnificent feat. But when It came down to It my favorite track off 2000 has to be I Found Self Worth. The reason why I enjoyed this song more than others Is because his vulnerability made me connect more. Through out this tape he showcases his confidence which Is a very pleasant trait. I believe that's why I rocked with It more. Reason being seeing Woodro be vulnerable Is very refreshing. I loved how he paid homage to everyone who has contributed on his path to the present day. This song Is a prime example of what makes him a rare breed.

Rating? 5 Crowns 2000 Is a exceptional tape which has truly set the bar for every young artist In his teens. Woodro showcases himself with a simple title which seems more like a Biopic name. But In reality Its a Biotape which helps the listener get to know Woodro as a artist and person. He shines by being himself which Is something that many artists are scared to do. That Is a trait that helped raise 2000's quality big time. The production on this tape Is exceptional man. Woodro did a great job In balancing rapping and producing. He created some awesome beats which helped his fiery delivery stick out. He joins a very rare club In hip hop where rappers are also dope beatmakers. When you read that statement think of Kirk Knight,Big Krit, & Pete Rock. He also had some help from some very talented producers In CXDY & Lost Files who helped made this tape awesome. He has a great ear for beats which helped boost this tapes quality. He also recruited some great features who also shined on this project. Cats like Mike Chekc$,EZ Goin,Ekow,Kiley Jae, & Carlos Capitals killed It. 2000 has earned a 5 Crowns rating from me reason being all the statements I have made In this section.