Juice drops Overload

Well Krafted member Juice dropped a banger titled Overload earlier this month. The gifted rapper chose a beat hotter than my mom's salsa. In my royal opinion he showed that he Is capable of holding his own musically. He also showcased that he can shine with out his Well Krafted team members on the same song. This Is a short song but It Is beyond fun. He rides the beat like If he was a country kid riding a horse! Everytime I hear a new verse from him he always Impresses me. With Overload he proves that he Is someone you should take notice of. -Royal Cortez

Overload Is a slapper about wanting more more and more god damn It! Juice has a great ear for beats which helps every track get a boost. If a dope rapper was like a car and has nas he would sound like Juice. The thing about this cat Is you can tell he Is unique. I know he will continue dropping stellar tracks. In return It will help make his stock rise quickly. He gave us a fire track which will be put on repeat heavy. The hook for this song Is contagious. Overload Is a gifted rapper flexing harder than Hulk Hogan which Is fun to hear. He smashes the beat but his name Is not Bruce Banner. His flow flys like Falcon In Civil War. I suggest you do not sleep on this dude because great things are on the way. He Is a artist who has a great future ahead of him! Make sure you peep his latest song which will surely Impress you.