Jabee releases Rick Ross At Wing stop

Have you ever thought about what Soulful rap sounds like? There Is A few artists who I believe have this style cats like Jabee & Nick Grant. With his latest release the Oklahoma mc shows exactly why you shouldn't sleep on him. Rick Ross At Wingstop Is a beautiful song which posses a passionate flow from Jabee. His lyrics are heartfelt & you can hear the emotion In his voice. If you are looking for a great song press play on his latest release. He Is a artist I been following for the last few months thanks to Smash Lames. When I saw his name on a flyer for the Tucson hip hop festival I Soundcloud searched him. Let me tell you guys he Impressed me big time but with this track he hit another note. Press play but be ready to be mindblown by the one & only Jabee. -Royal Cortez

This track was released last week but let me tell you It caught me off guard. The reason It caught me off guard Is simple he lets everything out. I fell Inlove with the beat because the production Is stellar. He Is literally preaching to the listener so you might as well call him Pastor Jabee. I enjoyed the concept of this track heavy. I Interpreted this song as him being In Isa Muhammad's position. The name of this song reminded me of when J Cole & Wale rapped at Dennys. Something I enjoyed about this track Is you can hear his hunger. He Is literally telling a story with this gem which Is beyond Impressive. When I first listened to him he was magnificent. The thing Is though with Rick Ross At Wingstop, he legitimately turned me Into a fan. The samples on this gem are truly jaw dropping because they are beautiful. His lyrics are really breathtaking reason being you can relate to It. When lyrics are Impactful they help the listener enjoy the music more. He had many quotable lines which will get stuck In your mind for a good 520 months. His latest offering Is a example of why you should be following him. Who ever produced this song Is a very talented beat maker. Close your eyes & let Jabee's lyrics become cinematic.