OG Illa drops Kareem Prod.'96

As many people know the Winner's Circle Tour started last week! So what better way to cover It than with OG Illa's Kareem? This talented buck appeared when It was showtime with a great hook. If you are looking for a song to vibe to Kareem Is the one you should press play on. As many basketball fans already know Abdul Jabar Is the all time scoring leader. He Is also a 8 time champion 6 as a player and 2 as a assistant coach. So you know what that means he also has a lot of jewelry! On his latest release OG Illa talks about how he wants the rings like Kareem! The Winner's circle tour Is packed with talent but once you bump this track you will see why he Is one of the headliners. OG Illa has great timing releasing this song while the finals are still going was a very smart move. -Royal Cortez

Overall this track Is really fun the hook Is catchy which Is a huge bonus. If you are a fan of basketball you will love this song! Kareem pays homage to arguably the best basketball player of all time. On Kareem he creates magic with very dope production which makes you think you drank lean. If you are from Tucson this beat would sound very familiar. The reason It sounds familiar Is because Epic Norlan used It for Only Way Out which featured Cash Lansky and Jimmy Coltrane. Rap plus basketball equals greatness which Is what Illa gave us. He also released a video for this song that I recommend you check out. This gem Is a great song for the summer that you can put on full blast. OG Illa Is on his braggeroucious flow on his latest offering. This song Is a mixture of street rap filled with basketball references. If Gilbert Arenas was a rapper he would probably have been featured on Kareem. The basketball player was nicknamed Captain Skyhook so we might as well dub OG Illa as Captain Raphook. The cover art shows 6 championship rings which Is straight forward. We can assume that OG Illa wants rings for his craft as well. The Winner's Circle Tour has a huge abundance of talent and one artist who stood out to me quickly Is OG Illa.