Cryptic WIsdom show recap

This past weekend at The Rock was Cryptic Wisdom's homecoming show. I been following Tucson music since I was In the 8th grade. Coincidentally he was one of the first few heads I came across. I stumbled upon a small tape of his titled One I believe. So I been following him for a minute so when Smash Lames Invited me to tag along I knew I had to. It was a very fun experience he truly put on a show. He even gave us a encore! There was a few dope openers I enjoyed Ricky P was cool. The openers that really Impressed me though where Legion & Murder D those cats always put on a great set. If you did not attend you truly missed out on a very fun show -Royal Cortez

Ever since I was younger than I already am I wanted to play a part In the city's hip hop scene. I have not told that many people this story, but a few years back he was shooting a video for Hate On Me. Could you picture me wearing a hamburger mask? Neither could I tell I was wearing one a few years back. Back then I was In a unit with 2 of my close friends they where In that very same video with me as well. When I look back at the very beginning It's very humbling to know I was just a extra In the back ground. That's how I saw myself till I started writing for wearebugginout. The reason my perception of myself changed Is because this blog has put me In a postion to play a bigger role. So I thank Cryptic Wisdom for being a part of my path. I see every small thing as leading to this moment. But lets get back on topic this show was off the charts. It was a very special moment hearing songs that I recognized. The reason It was so breathtaking for me Is because I used to bump those songs on a daily basis. I'm the type of Indivual that gets Inspired when I see a dope live performance. While he was performing I was studying him. I saw the way he was controlling the crowd It was mindblowing. He truly gave the audience a stellar set. Cryptic Wisdom was of course the main event but every show needs dope openers to build anticipation. This show had some very solid openers which helped contribute to making this a fun night! Something that I realized I believe 3 artists on this event performed story telling songs. It was very refreshing to see cats perform different styles that I am not used to. My favorite opening act has to be W which consists of Legion & Murder D. They put on a very fun set which made you appreciate the talented duo even more. I truly believe W & Ricky P helped bring back the crowd's energy when It was sucked out of them earlier In the night. This show had a very good balance of styles which made It a unique event. If you have not seen Cryptic Wisdom live make sure you check him out!