Jay Ari releases Gemini visuals

A team I have been following for these past few months Is the Havnots. I have covered one of their members heavy In Benny Loc. So when I saw that Jay Ari released a new video named Gemini I got excited. I met him a few weeks back when we were shooting a episode of The Talk Show. I believe the Havnots have a great roster filled with talented Indivuals. If you are sleeping on this team dont reason being this year Is theirs to claim. With the release of Clouds by Benny Loc earlier In the year they are on a hotstreak. Now with the release of Gemini they are proving their case for being a very consistent team. This Video was shot by Benny Loc which shows he Is not just a talented rapper/producer. If you have not checked out the visuals for Gemini I suggest you peeeeeeeeeep! -Royal Cortez

The video kicks off with a very Interesting Intro. It truly makes you take notice reason being It has a special vibe. These visuals are very simple but that Is exactly why It's so unique. I interpret him moving In different places In the room as his mind. This video shows how his mind Is everywhere & his lyrics help prove that. If you are a Gemini I believe you will love this track. The hook Is very contagious It will have you repeating It with Jay Ari. On this video he Is on his Nightcrawler because It's like he's transporting everywhere. Music helps us escape reality which helps ease our minds. Tracks like Gemini help life become easier because they leave us stress free. With his newest release he proves he Is a talented lyricist. Once you watch this video you will become a fan. Jay Ari Is a talented artist who has a great future ahead of him. You should be very excited to see what else he has under his sleeve. Don't ever sleep on any of the Havnots ya dig?