Speakerbox X Mondays Royal Cortez Song Of The Week #2000Edition

This last few weeks I have been bumping Woodro's 2000 tape heavy! Man shout outs to him for sending it to me early. Many people don't know this about me but I'm a huge fan of these type of songs. For this week's edition of The Royal Cortez song of the week on Speakerbox X I chose I'm Lacking featuring Kiley Jae. What makes this track even more awesome Is how this talented lyricist also produced It! Side note ladies and gentlemen he produced 10 out of the 14 songs which Is truly Impressive. I'm a huge fan of samples so when I heard them on this track I was praising the rap gods. If you have been looking for a reason to check out 2000 press play and be hypnotized by Kiley Jae's holy vocals. Both of these artists prove they are a very formidable duo you should be checking out. Shout out to Speakerbox X for playing my song of the week tune In every Sunday on 99.1 at 2pm! -Royal Cortez

Out of every song on 2000 this track stood out to me the most! Woodro's flow Is extra smooth on this 2000 offering. A huge reason why I feel In love with this song Is the production. The beat Is stellar It will truly you make you zone out Into the song. Kiley Jae's singing Is truly like a angel In your ear. If a rap song was created In heaven It would be I'm Lacking. No joke I will have to ask Woodro where he got these samples because god danm. Something I believe makes certain tracks great Is vulnerability reason being It helps you connect emotionally with the artist. I'm a big fan of this cat he never stops impressing me! I have a feeling that when you listen to It you will be scoping his new tape. Speakerbox X usually has some very chill laidback tracks so when I heard I'm Lacking, I Instantly knew I had to choose It! As a male when we see a female we think Is cute we will slide In her dms. But that's how I am with music If I believe a song Is beautiful I'll showcase It! I pay a lot of attention to the vibe a song gives off. This gem gave me a very special vibe the beat, the lyrics, and the vocals all help create a outstanding track. If you are looking for young talent I'm going to make this statement right now, he Is probably the best rapper under 20. With 2000 he showcased his diversity. He also showed his many talents to create a project of the year contender. If you did not tune In yesterday I recommend you press play!