Luca Vasi releases Flu Game featuring.Woodro & Swavey

Luca Vasi recently dropped a track titled Flu Game. What do you think the cover Is? If you said the bull himself Michael Jordan you guessed It! I'm a huge fan of basketball references In songs. He recruited the talented Woodro and Swavey for this banger which will get you hyped as hell! The gifted Young Tamale produced this song which will get you hopping wall to wall. If you have not pressed play already you are missing out. I suggest you get acquainted to the youth movement. -Royal Cortez

I came across Luca Vasi & Swavey earlier this year when one of my friends recommended them. I peeped them I definitely saw potential. When I was listening to Royalty I saw glimpses of greatness. But with Flu Game they caught my attention right away. The reason I rocked with them more this time around Is they evolved a ton In a few months. I enjoyed how their style flow & content was more polished. Something I really liked was how everyone who worked on this song Is under 20 years old. I truly want to see more young heads shine because I am 18 myself. Someone who I hold In a big light Is Woodro. He Is a dude who has gave other younger artists a platform by working with them. So when he had that youth movement line In his verse It made perfect sense to me. His Kobe punchline was fire It made me make a mean stank face. I enjoyed the effect they added to the hook. Flu Game Is a mixture of a more hype style but showcasing their pen game! Young Tamale created a epic beat which will make you think Jason Is behind you. I'm excited to see what other beats Young Tamale has cooked up. If you are sleeping I suggest you wake the heeeeeeeeeell up!