Backroom Sessions Vol.1

Mike Chekc$ & Rey released a epic 6 track project titled Backroom Sessions Vol 1 review. This Is one of my favorite tapes to be released In the last few months. It has great tracks with magnificent production from Slabs,DJ Q, & Pondi. If you have not heard this tape you are truly missing out. This Is a release which I enjoyed big time I believe you will become a huge fan of everyone that was Involved on this offering.  When you look at this cover you can not tell me It does not make you get Interested In checking this offering out. Maxwell Lukas Mijnlieff Gay designed this cover which will make you press the play button faster than you can say Royal Cortez has beautiful eyes. But all jokes aside check It out and see for yourself what they have cooked up. -Royal Cortez

Its awesome to see these heads collab together and release a stellar project. This tape has been on heavy rotation since It was released. A song I feel Inlove with was Ohio ST. produced by the gifted DJ Q. They kick It off very strong showcasing their flows and strong pen games. The first verse was epic there was so many lines that made me go ape. Rey's verse was awesome as a fan of comics that Loki line was so so dope. The sonic line was also one of my favorites. I never really heard Rey's music before with his verse on this song he turned me Into a fan. Mike Chekc$ also shined on this track as expected. He has a very unique flow which makes hearing his music very Interesting. DJ Q Is a genius the sample at the end was breath taking. Another track which made me love this tape Is GRAIN featuring eQ which Is a very cool stage name. Something that came as a pleasant surprise was hearing DJ Q rap on this track. He showed us he Is not just a great producer but that he can also contribute with a great verse. DJ Q shined once again by creating a really amazing beat. Mike Chekc$ starts It off strong with a harambe line which will make you type #Dicksout on twitter. Rey & eQ shine with their respective verses which will make you go follow them on soundcloud. A song which Is beautiful Is Extrospective produced by Pondi. This track Is more dark than the other songs I have heard so far on this tape. I am a huge fan of this type of mood so I put It on repeat heavy. If you are a fan of darker rap I recommend you put It on blast. It Is a track that will touch your soul no joke. Pondi shined on this track he created a beautiful beat which lets Rey & Mike speak whats on their minds. The last track Is titled Cranburry which features eQ,aJ, and Uncle Burniee. Uncle Burniee and aJ are actually members of Loud Cats Ent with Mike Chekc$ so they are dope additions to this awesome tape. If you have not heard this project I highly recommend you do. With this tape both of these dudes show that they are some gifted cats you should be keeping an eye out for. You can check out this dope tape on ojalá.systems soundcloud page.

Favorite Song? Dirty Records (Prod.Slabs)

My favorite song off this whole tap has to be Dirty Records hands down. Mike Chekc$ set the mood for me because I'm a huge fan of the god J Dilla. Slabs really did create a dirty record which sounds like Dilla or Nujabes made a beat while sipping on lean. Mike Chekc$ & Rey shined on this track both of their verses are beyond dope. The hook to this song Is beyond awesome. Mike Chekc$ and Rey hit you with hard hitting verses which will surely leave a lasting Impression on you. Press play on this track and become acquainted with some of the dopest lyricist the city has to offer. 

Rating? 4 Crowns

Backroom Sessions Vol 1 has earned a 4 Crowns rating from Royal Corleone because of the great production,stellar verses,outstanding features, & most importantly amazing vibes. The production on this tape truly blew my mind. These lyricists need top notch production DJ Q,Pondi, & Slabs delivered exactly that for these dudes to spazz out. This tape Is a prime example that lyricism can still deliver some cool vibes. If you have not heard of Mike Chekc$ & Rey I suggest you check them out so they can blow your god danm mind. I see a bright future for everyone who was Involved In this project!