Ekow drops 360 (Prod.Syndrome)

Ekow dropped a banger yesterday titled 360 which Is produced by the very talented Syndrome. When I saw him perform this track at the Gldn Party this song really got me hyped because the beat and the way he delivered It was dope. This song Is really wicked It's cool seeing a younger dude like him releasing great music. I truly believe more young heads are needed especially when you don't see that many In the scene. Before Ekow came along the only other dope young heads I rocked with where J Xenio,R3D, & Woodro which makes me sad because I want to see more young heads get love. I am genuinely happy seeing another young head release heat since I am a young dude myself. -Royal Cortez

I heard this track at the Gldn Party and It caught my attention right away reason being the way he was riding the beat was epic. This song Is really dope It's a gem that Is needed In the summer. Today the Finals start, so If you want to go shoot hoops today and act like your LeBron I recommend you bump this track. Do you know what's the rap equivalent of Vince Carter's dunk? Once you press play you will see that Ekow Is pulling a 360 like Vince Carter & Tony Hawk. I enjoyed how he came up with a track that can hype you up but kept his pen game strong. If you have the chance to catch this cat live make sure you do that. I truly believe that Ekow will build a name for himself If he continues to release dope songs like this. Make sure you keep an eye out for him he Is someone who has a grip of potential. He has a grip of dope lines on this track the Dracula line made me smile. Tucson If full of talent there Is many talented young heads but the thing Is you don't find heads like J Xenio,Woodro, & R3D often. Most of the time they are beyooooond cocky which If you are close to me you would know I hate that. I truly hope Ekow continues to drop bangers like this so he can continue to build a name for himself. If you take attention to the cats I write about they all have similar qualities which are humble and hardworking If you have those traits I will get behind you. With 360 he shows that he can create songs which will get the young heads hype but also sharpening the sword that the common man calls a pen. I love seeing younger rappers drop heat because most of the time they are overlooked for many reasons which bothers me. I'm happy to see this cat release 360 because I see It as the start of him showing older heads what he Is capable of. If you have not heard It yet I suggest you press play and not get shook In the ground! If you are not familiar with the name Ekow I suggest you become aquainted .