Epic Norlan drops Only Way Out (Feat.Cash Lansky & Jimmy Coltrane)

Eye Entertainment's Epic Norlan recruited his teammate Jimmy Coltrane and Gldn Artist Group's very own Cash Lanksy for a dope video which will surely show you why It Is truly Epic. Luckily I was able to listen to this track early thanks to the homie Epic Norlan and Man this song will not disappoint. When you watch this video you will realize that Yung Mac shot some really dope visuals to a song that most certainly deserved them. Only Way Out Is a track off of his upcoming project titled The Epic Hits. If you have not checked out this video let me fill you In on why you should! Eye Entertainment Is a very good team who make good music so when Epic Norlan gave me some details and told me that a collab with Cash Lanksy was In the works I was beyond excited to hear It. When I clicked the play button I was expecting nothing less than a dope song and that Is exactly what these 3 dudes delivered! -Royal Cortez

Ever since I came across a track titled Flexxin which was one of the first songs I wrote about I had flashbacks when I was hearing Weight Weight by Cash Lansky. Since that moment I thought to myself what would a Epic Norlan and Cash Lansky collab sound? Something that I like to do as a fan of music Is think of dream collabs Its basically what sports fan do when they think of dream situations. Unlike other situations we were lucky to see this collab come to fruition with the addition of Eye Entertainment's Jimmy Coltrane. The beginning of the video was very Interesting the car came out of no where It was really cool to start it off like that. I enjoyed how they shot that scene In a desert like area because I live In Tucson which Is of course In the desert. The concept of this video Is pretty simple they are trying to get out This video showcases what we already know and that Is that this song has a really dope vibe which makes It very enjoyable to listen to. Only Way Out Is perfect for the ones who have a more rugged life which will feel like this song hits right at home. Music Is the perfect therapy so we as humans tend to listen to music that reflect the situations that we are currently In that Is why when I simp I listen to Adele. But In all seriousness If you have friends who have seen some awful things growing up do you really think they will be listening to pop music? The answer Is a simple hell no because they will be listening to music which Is more rugged and This Is the perfect song for a person who has seen some awful things growing up! Epic Norlan Kicks this song off with a very dope verse which adds sprinkles of chillness and flex. Norlan's verse is nothing short of epic lyrics that you can enjoy and a flow which pleases your ears. It has a great vibe Its relaxed and It Is a great first verse which most def sets the vibe for the rest of the song. It was cool to see him do the first and continue It with a catchy hook which will get stuck In your head for a minute. It was a really cool transition how it went from calm more laid back vibe Into a explosive verse from Cash. Cash Lansky shines on this track by hitting right at home with his lyrics. Cash did not waste no time connecting to the rugged who have seen ugly things with his verse. Something that has become recurring like tv actors Is the way Cash Lansky sprinkles truth and Important things In his lyrics. He has a short verse but he shines regardless the scenes he Is In are very eye catching. I Interpreted the scenes he was In as the mafia having a dinner talking about how they are going to get out of a certain situation. Having the bag on the table was a very good addition. Jimmy Coltrane Is the last verse and his lyrics prove that he Is worthy of closing the curtain. Coltrane Is a cat who Is very underestimated on Only Way Out he proves he can deliver quality verses on banger tracks. If he continues to be a part of dope tracks like this one he will build a name for himself as a artist you should keep your eyes out for! If you did not get a chance to check this video out go watch it right now because if you dont you are missing out big time!