BoodahDARR drops On Ten (Prod.Canis Major)

Cream City Motion's BoodahDARR dropped a new track titled On Ten which Is produced by Canis Major who Is also a member of Cream City Motion. This cat has been one of my favorite artists for these last few months reason being he dropped a project titled Almighty which Instantly made me a fan. With his latest offering titled On 10 he shows that he has been in the lab like Dexter cooking up new music. He showed that he has not missed a step and with his latest track he shines as expected. BoodahDARR Is a rapper I bump on a daily basis so If you have not heard his music before Im about to put you on one of the dopest artists out right now. I been waiting a while for him to drop new music and he did not let me down.  -Royal Cortez

I came across his music because I been following his brother who Is also a very talented rapper who goes by the name of IshDARR. I first came across IshDARR when he dropped The Better Life EP which caught my attention.  I found out IshDARR had a brother when he reposted Sour which Is produced by 808 Louie on his Soundcloud. The young demigod known as BoodahDARR dropped a wicked track produced by the very talented producer who Is named Canis Major. Something that you can expect from this dude Is great vibes,dope lyrics,cold flows, and amazing production. The reason I became a fan of the demigod Is because he Is a rapper who brings a very special energy with his music which makes him stick out from other artists. He Is a artist who Is from Milwaukee who can make fans out of people here In Tucson Arizona and the reason he can do that Is he makes great music which everyone can enjoy. When you hear this track you can tell he Is a special kind of artist who demands you take notice with his well written lyrics and his flow which will make you get hypnotized. You will get lost In the music and that Is a great quality for music to have. You can put On ten In repeat 10 times and every time you re listen It will still sound dope. On Ten Is a banger which has many great lines which will make you make a "I need to go to the restroom asap" face. BoodahDARR Is truly a very unique artist who continues to build a name for himself as he keeps dropping dope content. On this jewel he embraces his past,embarrassments,ambitions and goals which elevates this track to the next level. He Is a cat who will get you hyped when you listen to his music he motivates you to step up your game. The demigod shines with memorable lines like " I never lose hope they hung me out to dry but I had to cut the rope." That line Is also part of the hook but Its a line that stood out to me because everybody can relate to It. He shows that he Is a artist who can showcase his mighty pen while delivering a song that we can vibe to. His punchline game Is on lock so when I heard that punt line I smiled and said "Well Played." This song well help you get on your demigod flex. This Is a track you can enjoy with your team on a night out and that Is one of the lanes that he delivers In. If you want to expect growth and dope music at the same time you can count on this dude to show you why he Is a artist who should be on your playlist. The Bruce Lee line was a very nice addition to a song which was already full of catchy lines. The way that he gives a shout out to his brother IshDARR you would expect to be from Philly with the way he showcases his brotherly love. If you don't listen to this song you are missing out on a great artist who will make your head turn like a guy who just saw a girl with a big butt. He continues to grow as artist and If On Ten Is a showing of what we can expect his future Is looking very bright like the back of Dwayne Johnson's head. If you have not heard this song yet I suggest you press play and follow Cream City Motion's Demigod.